Amanda Uprichard celebrates its third year with ApparelMagic

Amanda Uprichard, the New-York based contemporary fashion label, has experienced impressive growth over the last decade, creating sophisticated designs for the working woman. Amanda Uprichard’s designs have been spotted on celebrities including Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Lupita Nyong’o and Emma Roberts, and the brand continues to grow in popularity.

Featured in retail stores nationwide and internationally, Amanda Uprichard wanted a way to manage their increased demand and growth with efficiency, ease and simplicity. After talking with industry contacts from several different brands and doing independent research, Amanda Uprichard chose ApparelMagic.

Ayesha Attah of Amanda Uprichard, explains how ApparelMagic stands out as the “easy-to-use apparel production program.”

“Our company was growing and we needed an efficient way to organize and process our orders. We also wanted a program that could handle many aspects of our business—order processing, production, shipping, etc.”

According to Attah, the relational nature of the program ensures efficiency by keeping all of their information in one place. “We’ve become more efficient to meet deadlines without glitches. Our different departments can liaise better because ApparelMagic connects all the various aspects of our production.”

Attah also noted the rich reports available to them. “ApparelMagic’s reports are great for showing us how we do on a monthly and yearly basis. Also, the links between the customer, order, and production modules help us avoid errors; we can easily trace every step of the process.”

She noted the total solution aspects as well. “We manage a roster of clients, enter our customer orders, control our apparel production, and handle shipping all through ApparelMagic. We also use it to create reports to monitor sales.”  Unique to the system is the ApparelMagic Plus module, which allows users to create custom reports, forms and scripts that are preserved even when an ApparelMagic update is installed.

By using ApparelMagic, Amanda Uprichard continues their successful growth, without compromising quality or delivery.  “We have been able to take on more orders, with much less manual work,” Attah said. “Also, we’re able to ship out more orders in a timely manner, especially to our larger customers, because of ApparelMagic’s extensive integrations. It’s been a great partnership.”

About ApparelMagic: Since 1984, ApparelMagic has provided powerful business solutions to apparel companies around the globe. With clients on 5 continents and over a quarter century of experience, ApparelMagic is the industry’s first choice in delivering state-of-the-art software, training and support.  Reach us at / 888-636-0002.

About Amanda Uprichard: Amanda Uprichard launched her clothing line in 2003. Her designs are for sophisticated, working women who want to look feminine. Her designs are worn by Jessica Alba, Lupita Nyong’o, Paris Hilton, Emma Roberts, among others.

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