ApparelMagic client Aimé Leon Dore takes Paris

The buzziest brand in streetwear right now is ApparelMagic client Aimé Leon Dore. Worn by some of the coolest men in and around fashion, these pared down knits and basics are more than building blocks in the modern man’s wardrobe.

Behind the Queens-based brand is Teddy Santis, who credits his style to the streets and basketball courts of New York City. Bringing his collection to the world stage in Paris, he’s entering the big leagues at record speed.

The brand’s fall 2018 collection, showcased in Paris, is all-in on warm jewel tones. Vintage details like Varsity-style striped ribs and thick cotton knits are just the right kind of throwback. Contrasting colors and strong statement pieces like a pair of deep hunter green boots are sure to be scooped up by the streetwear cognoscenti that make up the brand’s biggest fans.

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