Area goes on a bourgeois bender

Piotrek Panszczyk and Beckett Fogg of New York based label Area took their clients on a different path this season. While the ApparelMagic clients are known for their eclectic statement pieces in nightclub neons and metallics, this season was all about the polar opposite: the effortless chic French girl.

This wasn’t, however, some conservative dream dressing on a¬†Platonic ideal, though. This was Area taking that ingenue on a wild ride through their studio, mixing up her Parisian classics with their signature codes. Rather than clutching her pearls, this French girl was quite literally throwing them over one shoulder and going along for the ride.

Her favorite fishnets were beaded, her preferred leopardskin pattern applied on pants and shoes, and her lacy lingerie worn alone for evening.

Deftly combining looks for business (here, a double breasted boucle jacket with a lapel transforming into a ruffle) and pleasure (for day, a tracksuit covered in sequins, and for night, an opalescent coat worn with opera gloves), they fitted their insouciant muse for every occasion.



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