Increase conversion 8% with shipping insurance from Route

What is Route?

Route is an app for Shopify that allows your customers to choose shipping insurance for about 1% of their total cart value.

What can shipping insurance do for you?

  • No more refunds on lost or stolen orders.
  • Fewer abandoned shopping carts.
  • Increased conversion.
  • Decreased customer service calls.

What does it look like?

Customers see an elegant, one-click checkbox before they make their purchase. If selected, their shipment is insured, even if it’s stolen off a doorstep after delivery.

Customers can also download Route’s mobile app for visual tracking and one-click claims.

Why use Route?

If you’re using ApparelMagic and Shopify, you’re only one install away from your conversion rates increasing 8% on average. Insured shipments mean more customer confidence, and a 34% average reduction in refunds due to lost or stolen packages.

When a customer files a claim, Route repurchases those items for the customer within 24 hours. Instead of sending a refund to your customer, you’ll be able to record a second sale!

How much does it cost?

ApparelMagic users love Route for its value-added service at no cost to merchants.

Brands and retailers pay nothing. Just install Route for Shopify and curious browsers will start becoming your loyal customers.

Route is a licensed insurance company in partnership with the famed Lloyds of London. Learn more about Route on their website.

Route from Route App on Vimeo.

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