Jonathan Simkhai takes a trip to Spain for New York Fashion Week

Bullfighting may be on its way out on the other side of the Atlantic, but its iconic uniforms may never go out of style, especially if ApparelMagic client Jonathan Simkhai is involved. Indeed, his fall collection was an ode to Spain and all of its traditional costumes, short maybe only of mantillas.

The opening look, a matador’s ensemble updated for 2017, replaced gold braiding for tiny grommets, and eschewed a shirt entirely so as to expose a sliver of a midriff. While the inspirations might be classics, these were no costume museum displays.

More likely, they’d be what a Kardashian or Jenner would wear to the Costume Institute’s Met Gala. This goes doubly for the finale gowns, blindingly gorgeous ones that looked as if the wearer just stepped out of a shower of crystals.

The matador-inflected style was repeated throughout the collection in various forms, from a minimal white suit to motorcycle leathers to a version in denim.

On the cocktail and evening side of the equation, Simkhai favored off-the-shoulder shapes and sleeves with slight flares. Feeling cold? An assortment of super-luxe fur stoles and puffy fur coats could fend off a winter breeze over the Iberian peninsula.

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