Jonathan Simkhai takes on Sydney, Australia for his resort show

With all of the biggest luxury brands flying their guests out to exotic locales for stagings of their resort fashion shows, it only feels natural for Jonathan Simkhai’s growing brand to do the same. This season, the ApparelMagic client experimented with the concept by taking over a Bondi Beach boardwalk in Sydney, Australia.

Starting out with a pink leather jumpsuit that looked custom-ordered for the next Bond girl, he quickly went into what she would wear on her off-hours: scarf-print silk dresses, trench coats covering one-piece swimsuits, and even some black-tie style tuxedo dresses for evening.

Going deeper into the night—literally, given his twilight-staged al fresco runway—he showed off his speciality, negligee-inspired gowns, this time in a rainbow of colors.

These dresses were the big hit of the collection, their oranges, blushes, and lavenders set off by the sunset sky. Timing is everything in fashion, and this designer, more than most, knows how to put on a show.

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