Revolutionize your selling with RepSpark and ApparelMagic Desktop

California-based golfing brand Linksoul has paired their ApparelMagic Desktop solution with RepSpark to take their sales to the next level.

“Our sales reps will now have the online tools needed to continue our growth and at the same time improve our customer service by leaps and bounds,” Ashworth said.

Recently integrated with ApparelMagic, RepSpark, a leading B2B eCommerce platform, enables Linksoul sales representatives to create orders, reports, and custom catalogs and visual merchandising, all from an iPad or internet browser.

RepSpark Order History
RepSpark Order History

“We chose RepSpark because they provided the best solution and are on the cutting edge of this ever changing technological world we live in today,” says Hank Ashworth, Vice President of Sales at Linksoul.

Integrating RepSpark with ApparelMagic Desktop allows the business a friction-free link between their styles, inventory, and accounting data on ApparelMagic Desktop, and RepSpark’s streamlined interface with order entry for sales representatives and intuitive self-service for customers.

repspark“After many years with ApparelMagic Desktop, the integration with RepSpark allows Linksoul to leverage their extensive data in ApparelMagic Desktop and empower their sales reps with up-to-date information whether at the office or in the field,” said John Murphy, Founder of ApparelMagic. “They can concentrate on driving their sales while the integration between RepSpark and ApparelMagic Desktop ensures their data is accurate, current, and at their fingertips.”

ApparelMagic, the leading total software solution for the fashion industry, helps firms run their whole businesses effectively from style and material management to integrated accounting. Industry professionals around the world choose ApparelMagic Desktop for its ease of use, robust features, and integrations with top partners in technology, wholesale, retail, logistics, and more.

ApparelMagic Desktop Availability
ApparelMagic Desktop Availability

RepSpark‘s B2B eCommerce sales platform is able to handle all elements of the sales and ordering process for sales reps, distributors, and customer service reps, and order information is synced back to ApparelMagic Desktop. Merchandise a collection, create a custom line sheet, take orders, make invoices, run reports and more all on-the-go using RepSpark’s integrated sales solution.

“RepSpark’s goal is to have every order come in error free and over goal,” said Meghann Butcher, President at RepSpark Systems. “The depth of integration allows the system to work automatically updating products, customers, inventory, order status, tracking information, etc. Our customers are seeing ROI immediately.”

About ApparelMagic

AMLogoBlueFor over 30 years, ApparelMagic, the leading apparel management software, has been at the forefront of technology and the cutting edge of fashion, helping top industry businesses manage styles, customers, sales, inventory, manufacturing, and accounting. With robust EDI, PLM, and CRM features and integration with the biggest names in technology, ApparelMagic is the fashion industry’s number one choice for a state-of-the-art total software solution. Learn More.

About RepSpark Systems

repsparkRepSpark provides an industry leading B2B eCommerce sales platform for your sales reps, dealers, distributors, customer service reps, managers and executives. More than just order management, RepSpark helps increase sales by providing a completely branded sales solution that is configurable, scalable and includes visual collections, custom line sheet creation, invoicing, reporting and forecasting.  RepSpark handles design, development, implementation, support, maintenance and training. For more information, visit their website.

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