Sandy Liang has a spring in her step at NYFW

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What’s cool in 2022? Honestly, the best person to ask is Sandy Liang. Long the cool girl par excellence, this ApparelMagic client knows the hum of the street as well as the buzz at whatever gallery opening or dive bar the pretty young things of art, fashion, and music congregate.

So when Liang does her signature sportswear, you know she’s got her finger on the pulse. This season, it’s far beyond her trademark fleeces, and into cottony realms that feel just right for the times. Getting out of our pandemic knits, she’s encouraging an easy-breezy approach full of ruffles and layers, but done with such a je-ne-sais-quoi that it’d be impossible to accuse her frills of frippery.

These are in fact ironic ruffles, that look as aloof as the models wearing them. Even her approach to a classic skirt suit has an air of above-it-all detachment, the tailoring sitting away from the body with the structure of a neoprene. Liang is referencing the greats but making it all her own.

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