Meet the winners of The ApparelMagic Grant for Emerging Designers of Color

Brandon Ginsberg

This past June, ApparelMagic started an initiative to see how we could help effect meaningful, positive change in both our community and the wider fashion industry. With this plan, one of our first steps was to create The ApparelMagic Grant for Emerging Designers of Color, a restriction free monetary grant with complimentary service and consulting. 

This grant is a way for us to give back and, we hope, to give more opportunity to people of color working in the fashion industry.

Throughout the selection process, our team was consistently impressed with the great work the ApparelMagic community was doing both in fashion and outside of the industry.

We saw applications from brands across the whole spectrum of sizes, in a multitude of categories, and from old friends and from new connections.

The recipients of the ApparelMagic Grant, below, represent the next generation of blue-chip brands, trend-setters, and most importantly, change-makers. Each recipient is building brands with the potential to make waves far outside of the fashion industry, taking on sustainability, ethical production, community involvement, and philanthropy.

We’re very pleased to introduce to you the promising talents who are recipients of The ApparelMagic Grant:


“It’s not about offering disposable or fast fashion.”

Marissa Maximo

Learn more about Properwear


“Your story is very important. And people should not be afraid to tell their story.”

Renee Hill

Learn more about Harx4

Jade Swim

Minimal and sustainable swimwear by Brittany Kozerski

Learn more about Jade Swim

Jamila Mariama

“I wouldn’t want this year to go the way it did, but it’s been eye opening for a lot of companies.”

Jamila Jones

Learn more about Jamila Mariama


“Well, why don’t I just make it? I’ve done this before, worked in fashion for twenty years. I can do this.”

Kate Pierre

Learn more about Kate&Frances

Lendrell Martin

“That idea you thought of that other weekend? Put it up. See what happens.”

Lendrell Martin

Learn more about Lendrell Martin


“People want to see something different. I can tell in this community.”

Catherine Jean Bell

Learn more about Properwear

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