ApparelMagic Wrapped 2021

Brandon Ginsberg
Brandon Ginsberg
CEO | ApparelMagic

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2021 was ApparelMagic’s biggest year ever. Our team has been hard at work anticipating the needs of our clients, and creating new tools for them to succeed like never before. 

From a redesigned iOS app for on-the-go access, to new B2B wholesale eCommerce stores, to a built-in payment processor, this year has been one that’s skyrocketed our clients to new heights.

Before we undertake our big new features for 2022, let’s take a look at some of our latest highlights, all introduced to ApparelMagic in the past year:


The ApparelMagic iOS app was redesigned from the ground up, enabling users to access their systems even when away from their desks.

New line sheet templates and options including a “Matrix” format gave new ways to showcase products and inventory data for print or PDF.


  • Consolidated Invoices
  • In Transit Visibility From Mfg. Projects
  • Enhanced Status Messages for ShipStation Integration


New tags allowed you to classify customers and products according to custom categories. Multiple buyer filters could also be added to products.


  • Create Returns on iOS
  • Bundle Royalties
  • Update Stored Costs on Receivers
  • Style Number Change Import


In March, wholesale customers could start ordering directly from line sheets inside your ApparelMagic system. Just send them the link, and they could add products to their cart, with the new orders syncing automatically across your system.


  • iOS Salesperson Login
  • Shipping Method Flat Rates
  • Project Item Status Report
  • Invoices by Product, Customer Report


A new Square POS integration let you sync product, inventory, and order data between ApparelMagic and your point of sale.


  • Financial-Only Locking
  • Multiple Warehouse Inventory Reporting
  • Invoice Shipments per Pick Ticket
  • iOS Vendor and Production Management


New B2B eCommerce stores allowed wholesale customers to log in and shop the latest products, view custom web pages, and create their own orders, all managed within ApparelMagic.


  • Swatch Dictionary
  • Shopify Product Tag Sync


The new Auto Pack feature introduced let you automatically create new shipments based on custom packing rules you can define.

Line sheets got even more visually appealing, with the new ability to include multiple images per product.


  • B2B Automatic Email Confirmations
  • Shipment Creation in iOS


B2B eCommerce stores were improved with a new delivery window selector that let customers choose their delivery dates, as well as new custom delivery dates


  • B2B Control Ship Method Options
  • B2B Hide Stock from Store
  • Custom Barcode Dimensions
  • iOS Manufacturing Management


A new user type was created with discounted pricing for sales reps who need access to only part of ApparelMagic. 


  • Prepack Barcode Scanning
  • Payment Custom Fields
  • Accounting in iOS
  • Order & Invoice Barcode Print


A new iOS Brand Performance dashboard gave you all the relevant information at a glance when you log in on your iPad or iPhone.

B2B eCommerce stores were improved with page-specific buyer filters and custom product titles and details. 


  • Cut vs Sold Detail Report
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • B2B Commission Options
  • B2B Order Notifications


ApparelMagic Pay allowed clients to collect payments inside ApparelMagic, no external processors necessary. Clients could now charge credit cards for deposits, for unpaid invoices, upon payment at checkout, and via email.


  • Redesigned Default Email Templates with PDFs
  • Payment Receipt Emails
  • Shipment Box and Box Item Lists
  • Generate Consolidated Pick Tickets
  • Tracking URLs on Ship Methods


Getting new interested buyers? Starting in November, interested buyers no longer needed an invite to shop your B2B eCommerce store. A new link on the home page enabled them to request access, subject to your approval.


  • Create Bills from POs
  • Pay Bills via Journal
  • Refund Payment Balances via Journal


A new forecasting dashboard gave your team a visual, easy-to-understand look at your current stock and projects alongside your projected future revenue.

Replenishment was also made more intuitive, with a SKU-level breakdown of your current stock and its velocity over time. 


  • Replenishment Dashboard
  • Tax Calculation on Purchase Orders
  • Read-Only Server Infrastructure

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