How To Find The Best eCommerce Fashion Apparel Software Solution

Every fashion eCommerce business needs efficient inventory control to keep track of inventory flow, manage products, and schedule timely stock replenishment. Nowadays, apparel inventory management is automated with the use of digital inventory management software to synchronize all inventory and

6 Ways Retailers Are Using Technology to Improve Their Businesses

Today’s retail store owners are aware of the advantages emerging technologies offer and use them to create shopping experiences that will appeal to modern consumers.  From retail inventory solutions to augmented reality, technology in retail is reshaping retail shops and

How Can ApparelMagic’s Software Solutions Improve The Apparel Industry

The global apparel retail sector is a highly dynamic and competitive market that requires fashion brands, manufacturers, and retailers to innovate faster, supply goods at competitive prices, and build brand equity. Styles are short-lived in the apparel sector, therefore apparel

Retail Value Chain: Why is it so Important and What are its Stages?

A value chain is a set of activities that a company performs in order to deliver a product to customers. All the stages involved in moving a product from its ideation to distribution, including design, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing, make

5 ways fashion will change in 2022

Less than two weeks in, 2022 is already shaping up to be a huge year of growth and movement in fashion. There’s a palpable sense of change in the air, and as technology and fashion are finally converging, we’re about

How does software make your business more sustainable?

With the climate crisis, fashion is stepping up to the challenge, designing and manufacturing the most ecologically savvy garments in industry history. Supply chains are being shortened, transformed, and analyzed. Products are being rethought from the ground up, literally starting

Why Stitch Labs users are migrating to ApparelMagic

With Stitch Lab’s recent announcement that they will be sunsetting their platform, many businesses are left in the lurch. The service may be discontinued as early as Spring 2021, and their support of the product is now limited to email

Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Why It Matters & How To Do It

A growing number of people around the world have concerns about climate change and the environment of the Earth as a whole. This concern has led to many efforts to be more mindful of the environment, for individuals, businesses, and

customer service

7 Ways to Improve Customer Service Online

Want to learn seven pieces of actionable advice that you can directly apply to your own life to improve the customer service you provide online? The tips discussed below are extremely relevant to small business owners who have e-commerce stores

A retail boutique with clothing, shoes, and decor items displayed.

What Is the Best Business Management Software for Retailers?

If your business is growing, you may realize that spreadsheets don’t adequately manage your business processes and assets. As you grow, your data gets more complex and dynamic, which calls for a different medium to help things stay organized and

Patrons shopping at various stores in a mall.

What Is CRM Software? Why and How to Use a CRM System

CRM stands for “customer relationship management” and is usually used to refer to a type of software that helps companies organize and access customer data. CRM software can be a powerful asset when it comes to connecting with customers, and

Two computer monitors and a cell phone set up on a desk with screens displaying a variety of information.

How Is New Technology in Business Disrupting Each Industry?

The most important characteristic of a successful business is its ability to remain agile. By adapting to technological innovations and embracing their full potential instead of shying away, businesses can gain a competitive edge. The businesses that leverage the power